7 Treasures You Shouldn’t Miss

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Recently I have seen some excellent writing on fundamental leadership and management truths. There really are some treasures here I would hate for you to miss.

Take a moment and read through one of these each day. Any one of them can be life-changing!

1. 12 Most Inescapable Leadership Teachings by David M. Dye at 12 Most.

This past week I was a guest-writer at 12 Most and so I begin this list of treasures here: if you want to be effective with people, this is a great place to start.

2. A Leader’s Most Dangerous Thought by Michael McKinney on LeadershipNow

Next up is a short and sweet reminder that a sense of entitlement will undermine your leadership faster than almost anything else.

3. The Most Important Decision Leaders Make by Dierdre Maloney

Dierdre discusses the fundamental need for you to build a trusted group of mentors and advisors for yourself. There are many reasons this is a crucial practice, but to fully appreciate this article, I suggest quickly browsing the three that proceed it. They are cautionary and will keep you from inadvertently ruining your credibility.

4. The Most Dangerous Lie Leaders Believe by Dan Rockwell of LeadershipFreak

In keeping with the theme of the first treasures on this list, Dan calls us to humility and curiosity with a vital message.

5. Leading from a Distance by Michael Sliwinsky, guest posting on Michael Hyatt’s blog

Michael leads people located in several different countries. His recommendations on managing your own time and structuring your interactions with people are very practical and helpful whether your team is located in the same room or halfway around the world.

6. 7 Dumb Leadership Mistakes Dumb Managers Avoid by Martin Zwilling on Forbes.com

Martin’s article does two things well: 1) it reminds us that effective managers ARE leaders and 2) presents seven practical mistakes to avoid as well as the positive alternative

7. 10 Surefire Ways to Achieve Unhappiness by Celes at Personal Excellence

I round out this list of treasures with a manifesto post with awesome reminders that call us back to alignment with our own values and what can and cannot control.

Happy Reading!

David M. Dye

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I share twenty years experience teaching, coaching, leading, and managing in youth service, education advocacy, city governance, and faith-based nonprofits. I currently serve as Chief Operating Officer for Colorado UpLift and enjoy helping others discover and realize their own potential.


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